Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India

February 20, 2018
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Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India  

Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India 1

aving a palatial wedding in India is a dream for many; like a fairy-tale. Royal weddings are an expensive affair but also very popular these. Brides across the world yearn to get married like a princess in castles and palaces. While some people give a thought on what special can be done in a royal wedding theme, there are a number of ways to evoke glitz in a palatial wedding in India.

Ways for Palatial Weddings in India
Settle on a Theme  

Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India 2

Regardless of the cultural background one belongs to; one can have a palatial wedding in compliance to the traditional style that a region calls for. Your wedding can be based around themes like fairytale, Mughlai, Rajasthani themes. Simply choose exotic milieu of forts and palaces of Jaipur and Jaisalmer or a luxury resort- a heritage hotel like that of Jodhpur. Your guests can stay in any luxury hotels or the heritage Havelis. Popular palatial wedding destinations in India may include Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur etc.

Royal Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment is an inevitable part of an Indian Wedding. When it comes to a palatial wedding, songs and dances become an integral part. One can have local folk performers, Qawwali and Ghazal singers, Bhangra or other traditional folk artists to keep the guests entertained as per the theme of your wedding.

The Wedding Transportation  

Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India 3

Yes, even the transport can be Royal and exotic. Get the transportation arranged in an exotic way, like those of the kings and queens. Imagine about impressing your guests and treating them in vintage cars, on horses, camels or elephants! The bride is sure to feel like royalty when made to ride up in Palanquin carried by ‘royal guards’ or decorated elephants.

Royal Food  

How can one forget the food! Royal food sums up to a great wedding gala. Food preparations can include regional as well as global dishes that are sure to please every appetite. A variety of delectable dishes on an exotic menu can be arranged for your guests.

The Palatial Decor  

Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India 5

The décor of palatial weddings has to be like that of the palaces. The ‘mandap’ can be decorated with royal finesse. Fresh flowers can be used to add to the décor; one can also have the venue decorated with seasonal local flowers or exotic varieties can be brought in for the occasion. A number of factors need to be considered for the choice of décor and flowers: the weather, the season, the theme of the wedding, the colors etc. Likewise, lighting effects can be utilized to highlight every part of the décor. Proper lighting, sound and laser effects can take the wedding to a new level grandness.

Royal Treatments  

Mehendi and makeup artists can be called in to have a special Mehendi ceremony. Likewise, the bride and the groom can get yourself treated with special spa therapies and massage for helping you relax from all the tensions of getting a perfect marriage and get the desired glow on your special day.

Royal Outfits  

Ways to Evoke Glitz in a Palatial Wedding in India 6

Your bridal trousseau or the outfits, the Groom’s attire and jewelry can all be made to match the theme of your royal Indian wedding. The brides can wear authentic Indian jewelry like the ‘Jodha’ designs and the grooms can also have embellished ‘sherwanis’.

A palatial wedding in India; at any fortress or heritage hotel is sure to evoke glitz and also enthrall the attendees with the majestic arrangements of the palatial entourage.

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