Trends for International Wedding 2017

February 19, 2018
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Trends for International Wedding 2017  

Trends for International Wedding 2017 1

Personalization, prioritization, and a respect for quality over quantity are all mirrored in the ultimate weddings trends of 2017. Let us have a look on these to get the idea about these trends.

The Notion of “Curated Weddings.”  

The notion of curated weddings is all over the place. Couples are now choosing which and how things become a part of their grand wedding affair.  They look after everything in a collection and decide what best stands for their vision.

Couples are looking at all of the potentials and choosing everything exactly as they want, wearing what they want, gluing to a budget, and having a beautifully curated wedding day.

Comes the Concept of Fine Art Weddings

The concept of curating goes enchantingly well with Fine Art Weddings. Being called as the “the new vintage,” this trend is all about keeping things simple and elegant by having minimal but bringing together the most beautiful, artistic things every step.

Employing Priorities to Wedding Design  

Elaborated design elements like flower walls hold enough trend significance in the entire wedding season of 2017. This trend might be a little heavier on the pockets of some as the cost of the labor and materials involved can make these on-trend features seem unreachable.

An escape in this category can be that couples can consider having an impactful single section would such as giving focus to the head table or sweet table. This shall put forth the priority section on the top of the list.

For instance, many couples choose to put their budgets more into ‘hard goods’ like specialty dining tables, chairs, lighting, couture china or serving pieces, and custom made napkins often complemented by masses of candlelight rather than putting money in flowers and tangible and delicate stuff.

Unique Venues and out-of-the-box Weddings have taken shape into huge trends that couples are following.

These include customizing open, urban spaces like storehouses and factories to use as inimitable venues. Food is also being molded into ‘something different’ like highlighting dishes from couple’s ethnic traditions on menus.

The decor part has also taken significant turns; the use of foliage instead of flowers in decor; and a rise in demand for high-tech options like digital image mapping and drone photography are en-vogue.

Chateau de Versailles - Galerie des Glaces

The couple are now moving away from positive discrimination and offerings and spending more of their time and budget on magnificent menus. They want to spend their time and money on items that create a wow effect for their guests to experience at their wedding- it is all about the details and making personalized memorable moments.

When talk of quality over quantity couples want to spend on petite events, having a small gathering of or less than 30 guests, with high-end details on catering, beverages, decor. 2017 international wedding trends also experience luxe in the shape of cars and photography and thus emphasizing couple’s desire for quality over quantity.

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