Food and Catering

Catering costs for a big fat Indian wedding in a big city could reach INR 10-20 lacs, and catering costs for a small-scale wedding are estimated to be INR 4-8 lacs. A reputable caterer may charge anywhere from INR 1000 to INR 2500 per plate, depending on the chosen plates.

Catering costs vary greatly depending on the event's venue, the caterer's popularity, the amount of personnel required, the guests' volume, and the food menu.


Pre Wedding - At all times, make sure the caterer is using acceptable, FDA-approved ingredients. Calculate the total number of people who will attend the gathering. If each guest is counted for one plate, it would be easier to measure the amount of food and ingredients required.

Examining the quality of the meal being served at your event should be your highest priority if you want your celebration to leave an indelible impression on your guests. Also, make sure the caterer has many stalls distributed around the event venue and a well-trained team who serves appetizers and snacks to each guest on time.


Post Wedding - Make sure you understand what's included in the final bill. Caterers can charge fees for overhead, labour, and a reasonable profit margin. The final bill may also contain the cost of linens and cutlery.


Different Cuisine - Numerous caterers are specializing in Indian, Pakistani, and South Asian cuisine. Your wedding food while being served by one of the caterers. You can also prepare Indian, Italian, continental, or any other cuisine of your liking.


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