Every year brings fresh seasons, unique designs, and decor trends! 

Couples have been seen picking unconventional, unique floral arrangements for their D-Day, consciously opting to use sustainable items for their wedding decor, picking out a decor arrangement that represents their relationship and personality, and eventually sticking to the standard wedding decorations! 

Why not get your every ceremony, including Haldi, Sangeet, and reception, a novel and most cultured glimpse presenting your guests a moment to cherish for a whole life.

Since Indian, Sikh, and Muslim weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs, the total cost of hosting an Indian big wedding would be influenced by the number of activities planned over these days and the duration of those events.


Custom Wedding - Indoor Wedding, depending on the venue's size, a mediocre wedding decoration set up will cost anywhere from INR 10,00,000 to INR 50,00,000.

Outdoor Wedding, an outdoor wedding can cost anywhere from INR 10,00,000 to INR 90,00,000 depending on the type of decor, area per square foot, floral arrangement, wedding venue /destination wedding, and other decorative pieces.


Punjabi Wedding - Punjabi weddings are lavish affairs, with decorations that are as flamboyant as the people themselves. Punjabi wedding decorations are truly exceptional, from exotic floral decor to beautiful dinner sets and imported cutlery. In reality, many other cultures have begun to imitate their opulence and style, whether it's through funky music or kilometre-long baraats.


South Indian Weddings - The mandap craziness is legendary in south Indian weddings. The south mandap theme is decorated with fairy lights and roses. Flowers are considered a great decoration idea for the mandap pillars, including marigold and jasmine for a blessing.

Marathi Wedding - Since Marathi traditions are firmly rooted in Indian culture, flower decorations are needed. Given that Marathi weddings take place early in the morning, having an outdoor wedding makes it even more stunning, as the moonlight fades away to welcome the sunrise can be captured beautifully in photographs.


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