Planning your Wedding in Mauritius

February 19, 2018
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Planning your Wedding in Mauritius  

Planning your Wedding in Mauritius 1

Mauritius is a place great to get married, with its ideal climate and striking beaches it is most favored by couples across the world. With its beautiful sandy beaches, ideal tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, majestic beautiful mountains and several luxurious resorts, weddings in Mauritius is truly a dream come true. Mauritius Attractions take great pleasure and pride in helping you plan your dream wedding, making the whole wedding process simple and easy.

Please take a look at our quick guide to the different steps of having your wedding in Mauritius.

Planning before your Arrival to Mauritius

Mauritius offers a wide variety of weddings to be celebrated, you can decide in advance on the type of location and venue you would prefer for creating your perfect wedding to cherish forever.

Some tips:

  • Make sure that your passport is applicable for more than six months from your likely departure day from Mauritius.
  • In case you will be traveling to other destinations which need suitable vaccinations or malaria tablets, make certain that you get those.
  • In case a visa is necessary for your holiday to Mauritius, we would recommend that you contact your planner to make sure this is done by the date of your departure.
  • We give an opinion of checking that you have apt luggage carriers for all wedding outfits.

Going to Mauritius one week before is exciting and you must do it if you can.

Planning the Arrival in Mauritius  

Planning your Wedding in Mauritius 2

When you arrive in Mauritius, you will take the day to settle into your hotel, relax by the swimming pool, have a cocktail while enjoying the Mauritian sunset.

Work through your planned itinerary and leave the rest to your wedding planner, help them choose your preferred things and then you are good to go at every step.

You can enjoy every single moment in Mauritius as the land is nothing less than paradise. White sand beaches and blue waters are a perfect setting for your wedding. There are various water sports at Mauritius like the scuba diving, where you and your better half can enjoy the post-wedding holidays.

Planning the day of departure  

On the departure date, we would recommend checking the following:

  • Travel Documents
  • Passports for each of you
  • Originals of compulsory documents for your wedding ceremony
  • Bride and Bridegroom’s wedding outfits
  • The outfits for the wedding party
  • And yes, the Wedding Rings!
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