Plan a wedding in City Palace Udaipur

February 21, 2018
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Plan a wedding in City Palace Udaipur  

Every girl has her own dream of a wedding. Some dream of a wedding near the sea that is a beach wedding while some dream of getting married in a castle. Being married as a princess is probably the most sought-after theme nowadays. And if you are one of them, you must read about this exotic location in Udaipur, Rajasthan. As the city boasts to be the city of lakes; at the side of the Lake Pichola is the royal City Palace complex of Udaipur which till date is the official residence of the king and his heirs. Wedding in Udaipur can be a dream-come-true, especially when it’s a Wedding at City Palace Udaipur.

Udaipur has become a much talked about destination for hosting a pristine royal wedding. The City Palace at Udaipur is eminent for its beauty and grandiosity. As this gorgeous palace is a private property only parts of the complex are open to hosting weddings and others are kept aloof as the Royal family of Udaipur resides there.

There are different venues where you and loved one can tie knots at. Below mentioned are the top 5 venues which are booked for celebrating your big day like prince and princess.

Manek Chowk  

Entering the City Palace is the massive Manek Chowk which is ideal for hosting a grand wedding that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. Manek Chowk was used for public meetings, horse cavalry, elephant parades, and other festivals in the olden times. It was constructed by Rana Karan Singhji during the period 1620-1628.

Plan a wedding in City Palace Udaipur 2

Manek Chowk is an ideal venue for hosting a grand reception or even a lavish sangeet or a mehndi function. The chowk is strikingly lined with beautiful Mughal style gardens. A wedding at the city palace with functions held at Manek Chowk can actually make your wedding sumptuous and be happening especially for your guests. Plan a wedding at the City Palace Udaipur to experience the grandeur of the Mewar clan.

Fatehprakash Palace  

Experience the beauty of Udaipur when you are at a heightened spot like the Fatehprakash Palace which is situated in the City Palace Complex itself. The palace boasts of lavish chandeliers, paintings, furniture, fascinating interiors and never seen before crockery.

The city palace complex is replete with numerous venues with a remarkable view of the city. This palace turned hotel can accommodate couples and their invitees in an ambiance that only prince and princesses experienced once. How would you feel tying knots with your beloved in this medieval era palace with unique turrets and majestic dome? Marvellous, isn’t it?

Mor Chowk  

Mor Chowk is where the Maharanas of Mewar held dinners once! It is known for its glasswork inlay and is the most amazing courtyard of the City Palace. In present times, Mor Chowk makes a superb venue for a warm and petite wedding ceremony of 20-50 people.

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The reason why it is known as Mor chowk is that it is lined with beautiful glass inlay work famous in Rajasthan. Those Mor (Peacocks) are so colorful that your eyes can’t help but stare at them.

Shiv Niwas Palace  

The Shiv Villas Palace is a place one cannot forget in a lifetime. It has been luxuriantly ornamented to meet the standards of today’s luxury hotels. The palatial hotel boasts majestic and well-equipped rooms and suites with exclusive patios to give you a feel of the lifestyle of the royals. The rooms give you an impeccable view of Udaipur and have been divided into palace rooms, terrace suites, royal and imperial suites, the lawn, exquisite poolside and terrace also add to your experience at the Shiv Niwas Palace.

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Talking of food for you and your guests on their at the Shiv Niwas, their Paantya restaurant serves lip-smacking multi-cuisine dishes and also has a good Rajasthani food too. For couples seeking for a quiet and romantic candlelight dinner with music in the background, Poll Deck is apt for them.

Zenana Mahal  

The meaning of the term Zenana Mahal is ‘Female Palace’. It was once the Queen’s Palace and holds quite a lot of significance till now. It was built in the early 1600s and has witnessed quite a lot of grand and royal weddings. The place makes a spectacular wedding venue and can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Plan a wedding in City Palace Udaipur 5

The Laxmi Chowk, which is the main courtyard of the Zenana Mahal, is a great place to host any function of a wedding. Adorning the courtyard is the Chowmukha pavilion which adds to the glitz of the palace. Zenana Mahal can host a grand reception with table scattered with flowers, and central fountain adding to the magic of the grandeur.

As a whole, the city Palace Udaipur can be a great and much-loved venue when planning a destination wedding. Imparting Rajasthani Vibes this palace is reminiscent of the bygone era where the kings used to live in an ornate style and ruled their subjects. If you wish to take that feel to your wedding, a wedding at City Palace Udaipur is an affable idea.

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