Plan a Palatial Wedding in Jaisalmer

February 20, 2018
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Plan a Palatial Wedding in Jaisalmer  

The city of Jaisalmer is known as ‘The Golden City’, and is named after Maharawl Jaisal the Rajput chieftain. Lying in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is the most exquisite and vivacious of the desert cities in Rajasthan. From the 17th century onwards, the city prospered and today, Jaisalmer is a sparkling hub of palatial weddings. Let us have a look at the palatial wedding venues in Jaisalmer.

Suryagarh Palace  

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Imagine a wedding under clear skies, surrounded by the warm desert and a marbled venue of your dreams to celebrate a perfect palatial wedding in Jaisalmer. Vast courtyards bounded by fort walls, candle-lit cobblestoned paths that mark your arrival, glinting stages, mandaps and Rajasthani folk music- all can be set at the Suryagarh Palace.


This palatial hotel is 7 km from the village of Kuldhara, and 15 km from the Bara Bagh temple.

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Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort  

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The Desert Tulip Hotel and Resort stands out in location and ambiance for a perfect wedding. The hotel embraces elaborate carvings on the yellow sand stone made by the local craftsmen that is a mark of tradition and contemporary elegance. The hotel can be a perfect place that has a lot to offer in your palatial wedding in Jaisalmer. A glimpse into the rich culture of the rural Rajasthan with traditional dances and rustic music by local artists can make your sangeet function all the more interesting.


This palatial hotel is 3 km from the Folklore Museum and 4 km from the 12th-century Jaisalmer Fort.

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Jawahar Niwas Palace  

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The palatial edifice of Jawahar Niwas Palace is worth a stare. With intricately carved Jharokhas and chhatris, this heritage hotel has descended straight for your wedding! Preserving the regal ambience and splendour, it blends modern facilities with traditional hospitality and decor. The 22 rooms feature wooden period furniture, chandeliers and jharokhas with bay windows.


This hotel is a 12 min walk from the Salim Singh –ki- Haveli and 1.1 km from the landmark Jaisalmer Fort.

Gorbandh Palace  

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Gorbandh Palace is a beautiful palace that derives its name from the strap which the women decorate their husband’s camel in the desert. The palace is a piece of art and is surely decorated with finesse and royalty. One of the best places to get married, Gorbandh palace must be on your list in venues for palatial wedding in Jaisalmer.


This elegant hotel is a 14-minute walk from Jain Temple and 6 km from the Folklore Museum.
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Fort Rajwada  

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Getting into the wedlock in the lap of that luxury for which Rajasthan royalty is famous for. Fort Rajwada offers a merge of the modern and the classical inspired shades of sandstone, and the cultural splendour the erstwhile kings of Rajputana left for us. Fort Rajwada ensures a majestic experience to its guests. Watching the sun set behind the superb Jaisalmer Fort while getting hitched is a brilliant idea!

Location:   Located right off the Pokran-Jaisalmer-Barmer Highway, it is 3.5 kms from the Jaisalmer Railway Station. 

Narayan Niwas, Jaisalmer  

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Narayan Niwas palace is said to be Jaisalmer’s only heritage property, built by a famous trader named Guman Chand and acquired by was acquired by Maharaj Shivdant Singhji over 250 years ago. Intricately decorated suites, great corridors and the decorated walls are excellent representations of the art form that prevailed. This palatial property is a perfect blend of Mughal, Rajputana and European architectural styles which is immense apt for getting into the wedlock.

 Location:   It is a 14-minute walk from the iconic Jaisalmer Fort and the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum.

For reservations: [email protected]

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa  

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The fantastic resort has several dining options such as Wyra Rooftop Restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Jaisalmer Fort. Putting forth a 50,000 square feet of lush outdoor lawn space, capable of accommodating 1,500 guests, the Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa can be perfect for your dream palatial wedding in Jaisalmer.

Location:   Our palace hotel is just two miles from Jaisalmer Railway Station; many of the city’s most famous attractions are just a short distance away.

For reservations:
 Royalty of Palatial architecture & exquisiteness of the Rajputana blends so well to give a perfect taste of Rajasthan that palatial weddings in Jaisalmer could not only be a regal treat but also a fun filled experience for you and your entire family. A wedding that would truly be unforgettable can be celebrated in Jaisalmer to mark a princely and royal start to the eternal bond. The lavish venues with royalty among charm and rich ambience treat all the guests and couples in the most royal way with Indian hospitality. The dream wedding of the couple can be turned into a reality with taking a Palatial Wedding in Jaisalmer.

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