Offbeat International Wedding Destinations 2017

February 19, 2018
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Offbeat International Wedding Destinations 2017  

Offbeat International Wedding Destinations 2017

Now that you are engaged with your lovely fiance you need to jump into planning your sumptuous wedding. The first thing that pops in your mind is the where to go! Well, this is might be one crucial step requiring a lot of brainstorming. So leave that to us! We will help you decide where to go. We’ve curated a list of about 11 Offbeat international weddings destinations where you can get hitched.

Vallarta – Nayarit, Mexico  

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Puerto Vallarta’s mountainside beaches, myriad all-inclusive and exploding food scene are a yes-yes for the couples to be married. A lot of people prefer marrying in Vallarta in Mexico, its Hollywood’s favorite destination.

To get hitched here, arrive two to three days prior taking your vows and meet with a justice of the peace. Bring your marriage license application, birth certificates with apostils, original passports and copies of their information pages, certification of status and a check for $595. You’ll also be subjected to a blood test. The ceremony is performed in Spanish and the fee includes a translator. All documents must be translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.


Belize has something for every couple – catering to more than 100 offshore islands, a Great Barrier Reef, untamed jaguar territory and centuries-old caves. The procedure for getting married in Belize is that you’d be requiring staying in the country for three days before applying for a marriage license. Everything is done in Belize City or Belmopan, and it only takes a day.

You will need then present proof of citizenship, replicas of your passports showing your pictures and date of entry into Belize, and proof of marital status, along with the $105 fee.


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The Bahamas is tops for international weddings; all thanks to its Versailles Gardens, big hotels, deserted pink-sand beaches in Harbour Island, mysterious blue holes in Andros Island, and unique beach barhopping in the Abacos.

A day after arrival, apply for a marriage license (which shall cost you $120) at the local administrator’s office. All you need are passports, birth certificates and evidence of your date of arrival, as well as an official declaration of single status and a divorce decree, if applicable. You can wed once you receive your approved license the day after application.


Low angle tropical plants

Florida has 825 miles of beaches making it the major destination for wedding celebrations. Find an apt venue and you don’t have to look back at all. Florida will take over you!

Arrive within three days of your ceremony at Florida and pay $93.50 fee for the license to get married in the state. Any county can issue a license, and you’ll have to get married before the 60-day expiry.


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Hawaii is a great option to marry internationally. You get to see a lot of surprises, from lava oozing out to spotting whales in the month from December to May, without even trying.

Before your Hawaiian wedding, apply for the marriage license online; just make sure you don’t sign it until you meet with your wedding agent. Also, remember to bring valid IDs. You’ll get your provisional certificate online, and the certified copy is emailed a few weeks later.


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Boasted as the sixth most visited island in the Caribbean, for its sugar strands (Baby Beach is a favorite), ample nightlife and multicultural history, high-rise hotels etc.

Legal wedding ceremonies take place inside the City Hall on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday- all you need are the copies of your birth certificates with an apostil, passports, two witnesses with passports, and single-status reports. Here you go the beautiful marriage at an ultimate place.

The Islands of Tahiti  

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Neon-turquoise lagoons, misty jungle, sharks and rays gliding under thatched overwater bungalows is ‘a common sight at the Tahitis. The Island’s wedding locations are equally heavenly.

Recently legalized for citizens of the United States and Canada, the Tahitian marriage process isn’t too complex; you can find a list of the required documents at The mayor performs a quick legal ceremony at city hall; then you’re free to say your vows wherever you like, plus there is no waiting at the Tahitis!


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Jamaica houses 635 miles of coastline and wedding-ready properties, from all-inclusive to villas. In the third-largest Caribbean island, you get all the beauty in one place; perfect beach and lively nightlife, lush landscape and turquoise waters.

Marrying couples must be present 24 hours prior to the ceremony with marriage license in hand. Send paperwork, including certified copies of birth certificates, to the Ministry of National Security at least several weeks in advance; most resorts can assist with this.

Puerto Rico  

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Puerto Rico has an ample of stuff in its 3,500 square miles- from forts, beaches, jungles to salsa beats. Rincon, a surfing hot spot in the northwest, offers a warm and lovable place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

Couples need a marriage license from the new Demographic Registry office in Old San Juan and there’s no waiting period.

Dominican Republic  

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Weddings in the Dominican Republic are easy and beautiful. You should complete the marriage paperwork about six months in advance. The by sending the required documents to the Dominican consulate to be translated and legalized, and including a money order ($200)  for the fee and a prepaid self-addressed envelope, you are all set to get hitched in the Dominican Republic. You’ll also need two non-family witnesses over 18.

Turks and Caicos  

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Turks and Caicos’ main hub for nuptials is the Providenciales Island, locally known as Provo, is best for a bike ride and is ranked third-best beach in the world by CNN. It is tidy and upscale with beautiful strands.

Marriage licenses are issued at the office of the registrar in Provo, open weekdays, and you must be on the island before 48 hours submitting your application for which the fee is $250. You’ll need passports, birth certificates, affidavits of single status, a divorce decree and a copy of your TCI arrival and departure stamps.

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