Matt and Aditi

February 12, 2018
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Matt Weds AditiFrozen Apple wedding planners

The Background  

Matt and I met around 10 years ago at the University of San Diego when we were both attending Graduate Business School. I was the Vice President of Social Events so I would arrange introductions for newcomers and social hours thereafter. I met Matt as a newcomer to the graduate program and he instantly made his mark on me. We became very good friends.

Wedding Venue  

After Grad school, I left to go back home to Dubai but four years later, I returned to San Diego on holiday and unexpectedly bumped into Matt in the lobby of my hotel. We hung out together that afternoon and made plans to head to San Francisco for the weekend. When we reached San Francisco he treated me to champagne and dinner, and that was it. We fell in love. The timing was perfect for both. It was as though our love was in the making since the day we first met, because neither one of us imagined that we would fall in love and get married one day.

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Sahil thank u for the amazing job by you and your team. My fairytale wedding could not have been without the patience, determination and love of you and them. It is extremely challenging to deal with the chaos and the expectations but you managed to still make these few days everything and more. The decor, the extra help, the running around and the fury with which you all corrected such minor issues – was astounding! I could not have selected a better team of people to be by my side in this huge event for my family. THANK YOU

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