Eager to know the fun part of a palatial wedding? Here is what it is!

August 11, 2017
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Eager to know the fun part of a palatial wedding? Here is what it is!

Are you all set to tie the knot? Butterflies and violins everywhere? If your answer is yes, then let us congratulate you. If you are planning a royal Palatial wedding in India and still skeptical about it let us tell you the fun part that is a part of a palatial wedding. Gone are the days when the wedding was just a traditional celebration-couples taking sacred vows, going through the conventional rituals, families celebrating and all the other things. No doubt, weddings these days have all the aforementioned elements. But, there is certainly more to it!

Every phase of a palatial wedding spells royalty. Palatial weddings in India are on the list of top wedding trends. They are more fun, royal and contain all the feel-good factors that a wedding brings to your celebrations. Let us have a look on the fun elements of a palatial wedding in India.

Classy Wedding Invites

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Let’s start from the very beginning- the invitation cards. Willing to give your guests an impression of your regal palatial wedding? Then, make them feel the wedding extravaganza through your invitation cards. Commence with a regal-imperial invite. Grab a handsome basket and put in your invite with some Indian sweet delicacies and wedding favors just like we witness in movies!

The Maharaja-style Entry

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Mark your entrance on a majestic elephant or camel and steal your bride away! Along with your enthusiastic friends and family, plan a grand entry at the venue and make your first impression striking!. After all, a majestic palatial wedding deserves an equally ostentatious entry!

The Surreal Ambient Décor

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One of the most noticeable and awe-inspiring elements in a royal palace wedding is the surreal décor. The gleaming lights and the palatial ambiance make one feel nothing less than “the royal couple”. Take your vows while your guests swoon at the ambient décor.

The Royal Ensembles

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One of the best parts of a wedding is the bride and groom’s ensembles. When hosting a palatial wedding you dress like the Royals; your royal outfits are gonna be in everyone’s eye. It for all the keyed up brides-to-be, drape yourself in a glistening chic dress, for not even a single outfit will be too much for the place you are marrying in! And not just for the ladies, the grooms-to-be must suit up in a nice tuxedo or go for something totally traditional to feel those royal vibes.

Unmatched Photos

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Under the many perks of having a palatial wedding, unmatched photography is one.  Your pre, as well as post-wedding photo shoots, would be unprecedented if you happen to get into the eternal wedlock somewhere in the palaces. Couples get in a very dreadful condition trying to get really nice and memorable pictures of their wedding day, well who doesn’t want that. If you decide to get hitched in an exotic and elite setting of a palace these problems won’t be faced by you.

The Jodha-Akbar Jewellery

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Wedding jewelry is something that holds a lot of importance for every bride! Well, when it comes to palatial weddings, no form of jewelry other than the huge and mystic Jodha-Akbar style is a yes-yes! So ladies, prettify yourself like the Princess Jodha on your wedding day. Exhibit all your Kundan neck pieces, gleaming diamond rings, and Victorian jhumkas!

The Grand Slap-up Meal

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Celebrate your bond of love with your beloved by organizing a sumptuous dinner, which delivers an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Host your dinner in one of the many massive and majestic dining halls or even well-manicured gardens that the palaces offer.

Copacetic Firework

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Fireworks always make an event ethereal. How about imagining exchanging your vows in a splendid palace with a backdrop of fireworks to celebrate the union of two people in love; isn’t it priceless?

The Ultimate Traditional Feel

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Finally, a palace wedding gives you as well as your guests an ultimate traditional feel. You can even opt for traditional dance performances on one of the pre-wedding nights to give your guests and yourself an amusing ethnic experience.

Yes, with a palatial wedding in India, you literally get to marry ‘king size’!

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