Best 25 International Wedding Destinations

February 19, 2018
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Best 25 International Wedding Destinations  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 1

Everyone is in a search of a perfect wedding destination. Especially when it comes to international wedding, a lot of brainstorming is required. To make your work a bit easy; from picturesque mountains and vineyards to white-sand beaches, we have prepared a list of Best 50 International Wedding Destinations to get hitched. Have a look!!!

The Big Island, Hawaii  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 2

Why The Big Island: As the name has it, The Big Island is the largest island in the chain of Hawaiian Islands and offers a varying landscape. To your amazement you can find 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones here on the island. The landscape varies noticeably as you travel around the outskirts making your available a variety of beautiful; backdrops for your wedding photography. The Kona coast to the west has lunar-like scenery while the north and east coasts are wet and super-lush.

When to get hitched: Anytime around the year is fine here!

Bar Harbor, Maine  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 3

Why Bar Harbor: You’ll get all the sophistication and style at the Bar Harbor. The place is surrounded by craggy coasts, dark-blue waters and golden-sand beaches. It has some of the most iconic lighthouses. Like Europe’s southern coast, Bar Harbor is the epitome of seaside chic, only with a distinct American style to incorporate into your BIG day.

When to get hitched: Summer is when Maine attracts the most tourists, especially in July and August, when the weather is most pleasant. You can consider a September wedding to avoid high prices and crowd.

Tucson, Arizona  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 4

Why Tucson: Tucson is the city of turquoise jewelry, saguaro cacti and deep-orange sunsets. Situated in the southern region of Arizona between Phoenix and the Mexican border, Tucson offers a natural and rough version of the Southwest landscape for a unique set for your sacred vows.

When to get hitched: Tucson’s weather is generally warm year-round, and most days are bright and sunny.

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 5

Why Sea Island: With its crystal blue waters and perfect beaches, Sea Island feels like the Caribbean. The island’s only visitors are guests of its two resorts who seek their weddings there. And the oceanfront setting on five miles of private beach couldn’t be a more stunning site to exchange vows.

When to get hitched: The best times to hold a wedding at the Sea Island is in the late spring and summer, and in early fall.

San Francisco, California  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 6

Why San Francisco: If your taste is of the modern and urbane then San Fran is the place for you. It is more than just scenery. San Francisco is urban without being ‘too-much’. It combines sophistication with the laid-back, dressed-down outlook of the rest of the West Coast, making it one of the top US cities to get hitched. Plus, if you love food then San Fran will be a delight for you; you’ll love the variety of fresh, local ingredients and world-class fare that make designing a memorable menu for your grand reception.

When to get hitched: San Francisco averages about 65 degrees year-round, meaning anytime is the right time, though one can expect the city’s famous fog in the summer.

Park City, Utah  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 7

Why Park City: Offering European sophistication and majestic peaks that the Alps are known for, the Park City is class apart. The former mining town is now turned into a top destination for weddings, located just 40 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport, the city makes a great option for winter weddings.

When to get hitched: Ski season starts in early December and lasts into mid-April, but in summer and fall there is plenty for guests to do, like hiking, fly-fishing and mountain biking.

Outer Banks, North Carolina  

Decorations for wedding ceremony on Boracay island beach

Why Outer Banks: The place offers 130 miles of open, unspoiled beach. It has a string of barrier islands covering nearly half the North Carolina coast, will make you feel as if you’re in your own private retreat for your wedding. For a truly iconic setting, opt for a striking lighthouse or rustic ocean jetty setting.

When to get hitched: The weather is best in summer, June especially, but traffic is outrageous and prices are high. Though if you want to get hitched! Who can stop you!

Nantucket, Massachusetts  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 9

Why Nantucket: Known as the “Gray Lady” the place is often covered in a blanket of fog. Nantucket and its windswept moors, rugged beaches and rose-covered fencing are the typical New England. It’s the ideal place for a romantic, low-key wedding full of New England charm, and you’ll find plenty of inspiration, from the ocean to beaches.

When to get hitched: Summer is the most pleasant and busiest and yes the most popular time too. To avoid crowds, consider the months -May and September

Maui, Hawaii  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 10

Why Maui: Filled with waterfalls and rainbows, Maui is believed to be the most romantic Hawaiian island. And its beaches are considered to be among the best anywhere, so it’s a popular spot to get hitched.

When to get hitched: Anytime round the year, temperatures are in the 70s and 80s during the day.

Lake Placid, New York  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 11

Why Lake Placid: Backed with mountain vistas its location in the heart of the Adirondacks in upstate New York, with loads of activities, attractions and snowcapped settings. Leave the glitz at home and choose a venue from among the cozy rustic-chic resorts and luxurious lakeside cottages.

When to get hitched: Naturally, a winter resort area will be busy and more expensive during the winter months, try April when it’s less crowded but there’s lots of lasting snow.

Kauai, Hawaii  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 12

Why Kauai: Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle” for its extremely prosperous tropical landscape. The place is perfect for those looking for a quieter site to tie the knot.

When to get hitched: Anytime as temperatures year-round are in the 70s and 80s during the day.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 13

Why Jackson Hole: The place offers a breathtaking background for your wedding scenario. You’ll also find rustic meadows and a Wild West vibe in Jackson Hole if a Western theme is more your style.

When to get hitched: The summer and early fall are the best in Jackson Hole but winter weddings are gorgeous here.

Florida Keys  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 14

Why Florida Keys: This 110-mile chain of islands offers laid-back tropical island surroundings with all the appeal of the Caribbean at a reasonable price and a more suitable location for guests. The Keys has wildlife and nature abound old-Florida vibe. The islands are surrounded by the clear-blue waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico there’s no shortage of white-sand beaches to hold a perfect beach wedding.

When to get hitched: High season is December to April, so you may want to try summer, when things are more affordable but can be hot.

Door County, Wisconsin  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 15

Why Door County: This popular destination is known as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”. It is situated between the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan offering a gorgeous lakefront for taking your vows.

When to get hitched: Fall offers unbelievable undergrowth and fewer crowds. The summers are the prime time and attract lots of visitors, so you have to keep an eye on the early booking.

Aspen, Colorado  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 16

Why Aspen: Aspen has the perfect blend of natural beauty, old worlds charm and posh services. In addition to luxurious mountain cottages, you’ll find elegant ballrooms and lustrous restaurants to host your wedding events.

When to get hitched: While many couples choose to get married between late November and early March to create a winter wedding, summer and fall are also gorgeous times of year here.

Las Vegas, Nevada  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 17

Why Las Vegas: There are endless numbers of possibilities of how you can create a perfect wedding for yourself at the sin city. Drive-through chapels, Elvis-impersonator officiates and celebrating your nuptials at a blackjack table are some of the common undertakings. There’s a whole lot of other stuff that the city offers making it one of the newest stateside spots to tie the knot.

When to get hitched: Avoid the summer heat, spring offers the most temperate climate and the summer cools down in the month of September and October.

Mackinac Island, Michigan  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 18

Why Mackinac Island: This subtle car-free island, set amidst the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas near where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet is full of charisma, known for its Victorian vibe, starting with the fact that you’ll need to rent a bike or hire a horse and buggy to get around!

When to get hitched: Mackinac Island is packed with families during the summer. May and October are the best for deals, so it depends on you where and how you wanted to say the ‘I DO’.

Miami, Florida  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 19

Why Miami: Miami is a great alternative to the Caribbean or Mexico, especially if you’re looking to stay within the US. Miami, besides it scenic sands, is known for its art-deco architecture. The architecture is sure to add all the charm to your wedding photos. The city is also an international hub, so wedding caterers cover all taste preferences.

When to get hitched: High season is December through April. The summer months are also beautiful and may be less expensive as well.

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, California  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 20

Why Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley: Because of the abundance of incredible wines produced here, and the world-class restaurants with dishes worthy of accompanying them, Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley can host an ideal wedding for you and your guests.

When to get hitched: Summer and October are the best times to visit the region. September can be beautiful, but you may have problems with availability and rates as its considered as the peak season.

Newport, Rhode Island  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 21

Why Newport: Newport offers the perfect blend of New England charm and old-school glamour. It can undoubtedly hold a contemporary-vintage wedding for you!

When to get hitched: Like most of the Atlantic coast, Newport is busiest during the summer months. But May and September are blissful times to visit as well

New York City  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 22

Why New York City: The “city that never sleeps” offers plenty to get your guests excited to make the trip and has bounty of classic tourist attractions, like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

When to get hitched: Any month can be a good time for a New York wedding.

Oahu, Hawaii  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 23

Why Oahu: Oahu is more densely populated than the other Hawaiian Islands and is also the liveliest of all. Honolulu, the island’s most famous city, is located here. Oahu is packed with lots of nature and native culture, and is the most convenient island for a destination wedding as it has the biggest airport and the most frequent direct flights from the mainland.

When to get hitched: Anytime around the year as temperatures are in the 70s and 80s during the day.

Caribbean: Anguilla  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 24

Why Anguilla: Anguilla is one tiny island, 16 miles long and three miles wide. It is one of the most elite sites in the Caribbean, and it’s showered with upscale resorts, four-star restaurants, lush scenery and posh white beaches and everything that sums up for a great wedding extravaganza.

When to get hitched: Take note of hurricane season, which runs from June through November, otherwise temperatures are nice year round.

Caribbean: Antigua  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 25

Why Antigua: This perfect island has 365 beautiful beaches to get hitched on! Antigua’s harbor is a popular yachting destination for the international jet set as it was once the home to a huge British naval base.

When to get hitched: The high season runs from mid-December through April. After April, rates go down as much as 40 percent.

Caribbean: Bermuda  

Best 25 International Wedding Destinations 26

Why Bermuda: Though separated from the Caribbean, Bermuda shares many of its traits. So if you wish to get hitched in a Caribbean destination wedding style consider Bermuda. It’s famous for peaceful pink-sand beaches and pastel colored houses.

When to get hitched: As its near to North Carolina’s coast, its weather resembles that of the coastal US more than it does that of the Caribbean islands to the south.

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