All you need to know about Getting married in Mauritius

February 19, 2018
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All you need to know about Getting married in Mauritius  

Mauritius is a paradise for people who want to marry internationally. It is a beautiful island full of picturesque scenery and vibrant culture. There are various aspects that must be taken in considerations once you plan your marriage at Mauritius. You must be well-equipped with all the know-how of the place and how things and rituals and laws are carried out in Mauritius. Let us tell you all about you need to know about getting married in Mauritius.

Where you want to get married in Mauritius?  

Once you have decided to get hitched in Mauritius, the best advice is to book a resort that has experience of hosting weddings; a number of quality hotels are there that offer superb deals for hosting weddings in Mauritius.

Pro Tip: Get a relaxing spa before the big day

You can get packages on Spa too, with pre and post-wedding treatments. You can soak up in facials, steam baths; massage and aromatherapy to name a few of the treatments that will make you glow up and prepare you for your special occasion.

Wedding Planners for Your Wedding in Mauritius  

A wedding planner will give you invaluable advice, finding you the right location, setting your special event at the most opportune time of day; a sunset wedding on the beach sounds pretty special.

Let the wedding coordinators handle a percentage the organization, leaving you free to focus on your holiday. You want your time in Mauritius to be as care-free as possible; all the stress of organizing the event dissipated the moment you arrive on the shores of this tropical paradise. That’s the whole point of getting married in Mauritius; you can leave your worries at the airport check-in.

The best months to get married in Mauritius  

Mauritius is a relatively petite island but conditions vary from region to region because of the landscape. October can be said to be one of the best months of the year to get married in Mauritius. It has the lowest rainfall and perfect temperatures with ample of sunlight. Apart from October, May is an attractive option. It’s an enjoyable month at the ending of a hot summer season and the beginning of the Mauritian winter.

TIP: Give close attention to the cyclone season that occurs between January to April, which is also comfortably mid-summer, but not so comfortable especially for your photographs.

Important Things to Remember When Marrying In Mauritius

Check for the major things and list down things that you might be requiring. Go through this list down and do a quick check on not missing anything.

  1. Do not rush the process; you need 6 weeks to organize a wedding in Mauritius so need not push the things too much.
  2. Before getting married in Mauritius the authorities require couples to have their birth certificates re-issued and dated within 3 months of your wedding date.
  3. All weddings in Mauritius are conducted in the English Language.
  4. If you have been divorced longer than 10 months you will need a copy of your decree absolute.
  5. You will need two witnesses over the age of 18 by law and can be arranged for you upon request.
  6. October is the best month of the year in Mauritius.
  7. Avoid July to August, which is when the south-easterly trade winds blow strongest.
  8. Just because you are getting married in Mauritius, remember you do not need to get married on the beach. You can be married in a church as well as by civil registrar.

Mauritius legal requirements when getting married  

  • 2 copies of birth certificates dated within 3 months of your wedding date
  • 2 Copies of passports
  • Non-English documentation must be translated into English and duly stamped.
  • 2 copies of Death Certificate and previous marriage certificate if widowed
  • 2 copies of Deed Poll (if a change of name has occurred)
  • You will also need to take 2 passport photos each with you to Mauritius.
  • 2 copies of your Decree absolute (if divorced)
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