All You Need to Know About Getting Married in India

February 17, 2018
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All You Need to Know About Getting Married in India  

India is a beautiful place to get married and a lot of people choose to get hitched in the land of colors. While it’s the choice of a lot of people, there are certain laws and legal procedures that are to be kept in mind while saying your sacred vows in India.  There are also various perks of marrying in India; you must know all the things about getting married in India.

Where to Get Married in India?  

India caters to all kinds of wedding fiestas: if you want to have a beach wedding Goa and Kerala is a great place to get into an eclectic beach wedding with beautiful sands and blue waters. Rajasthan, the state of deserts is famous for heritage hotels, Palaces and Havelis developed for audaciously mesmerizing weddings.

Plenty of other options are available including getting married at a lagoon, in the jungle, on a boat, on a hilltop, or more traditionally, at one of the beautiful Old Portuguese style churches. There is copiousness of options to get hitched in India. To be true when it comes to getting married in India, your options are not limited to your imagination. You can make sure of the most lavish weddings have incorporated processions of elephants, helicopters showering rose petals on the wedding party, fire dancers, and performances by eminent artists and celebrities.

When to get Married in India?  

India has a mixed climate and never very extreme. The most popular time of year for weddings is from October to February when the weather is dry and sunny. However, weddings can be commonly held throughout the year from September to May. The peak months of December and January are extremely busy and if you don’t have a prior booking of the venues you can even end up having nothing in hand. Venues can be more expensive; hotels and availability are also scarce during this time of the year.

Seeing the budget for an Indian Marriage  

Hosting a wedding in India can range from least to most as there are great venues in India. Wedding costs in India really depend on what kind of a wedding you want. It also depends on how many functions take place prior and post the actual wedding day.

Legal requirements for an Indian Marriage  

Legal requirements should be fulfilled so as to avoid any difficulty at the time of the wedding. To get married in India, some requirements need to be met, and some terms and conditions need to be followed, and therefore you must stay for at least 60 days in India to complete the procedure.

You will be required to apply at the local registry to get married. You will need to go through “The Special Marriage Act” that governs civil weddings in India. Either the bride or the groom is required to be living in the country for 30 days before applying for the wedding license. The local police station, of the area where you are staying, will provide you with a certificate giving evidence of your stay.

It is also vital to have the evidence of marriage eligibility. After all the forms are filled and submitted, it will take about 30 days to get the legal sanction for the wedding to take place, provided that there is no objection during this period. In addition to this requirement, three witnesses are needed, with passport-sized photographs, identity proofs, and address proofs. Your marriage certificate will be issued a few weeks after the wedding.

Documents which you need to submit to the registry office:  

  • Your intention to get married, of course
  • Residence certificate
  • Certified copies of the couple’s passports
  • The couple’s birth certificates
  • Two passport-sized photographs each
All You Need to Know About Getting Married in India 5

This is the glimpse of what are major requirements when it comes to marrying India. While there are ample of options that are there for you, it all depends on you which option you go for. The budgeting too depends on you and your pocket size. A lot of people choose palatial weddings in India, which is most common while opting for more simple and breezy beach weddings in Goan style.

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