Why Plan a Destination Wedding in Maldives?

Why Plan a Destination Wedding in Maldives?

Maldives is a group of 1190 islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a tropical paradise with beautiful white sand beaches and waters ranging from the clearest blue to a dazzling turquoise. The romantic blend of beautiful natural landscapes makes this collection of islands a superior choice for Indian weddings to be held in utmost luxe.

Transportation facilities to Maldives

Malé the capital of the Maldives is quite accessible from the Indian Subcontinent. Taking a five hours flight from Mumbai and 7 hours from Delhi you can reach this beautiful group of islands.

Staying in Maldives

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There a lot of the resorts where you can have yourself relaxed in the lap of nature. They are self-contained with accommodation options, spas, restaurants, and the works and offer Maldives wedding packages to suit different needs. There are more than 100 resort centers and hotels spread across tons of islands including popular ones like Vadoo, North and South Male etc.

Recreational activities

After the wedding extravaganza has ended you and your family can also indulge in fun activities like water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving in beautiful coral reefs to comfy spas, the islands have all the necessary ingredients for a pleasurable getaway for you and your wedding party.

Why get hitched in Maldives?

Explore. Explore. Explore

What makes Maldives so adventurous is that there are so many islands in such immediacy. Ferries and local “Dhoni” can take you an island to island, and you can even explore isolated islands to suffice your adventure needs.

Diving into blue waters

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The Maldives has some of the world’s best diving spots. The incredible seabed in the Maldives is filled with colorful corals and exotic species.

Malé Island

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Malé is a hub of Maldivian culture and the capital of Maldives.  A peppy local market can be a delight for some indigenous stuff worth taking back home. Malé has many mosques and many museums that can be seen.

Relaxing at Maldives

Many hotels offer a series of excellent venues with spas, modern amenities, and oceanfront views. The sensations of the Maldives offer pure bliss and relaxation that could not be achieved anywhere else.

Beaches at Maldives

The white sand beaches of the Maldives contrast brilliantly among the azure waters. These are some of the most beautiful and sought-after beaches in the world. The magnificence of Maldivian beaches is what makes them such a perfect location for a wedding ceremony.

Weather and Climate

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Maldives showcases mainly two seasons; dry season (northeast monsoon) and wet season (southwest monsoon).  The dry season extends from January to March and the wet from mid-May to November.  April and December tend to be the middle periods between the two seasons.

Temperatures here are almost a constant 30°C all year, with rainfall escalating considerably during the southwest monsoon, particularly from June to August. It’s no surprise that high season corresponds with the dry season and lasts from December to April.

Legal Requirements for Marrying in the Maldives

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There is no such legal requirement of documents when it comes to having a wedding in Maldives. It’s legally impossible for non-inhabitants to get married there. Most couples choose to have a beautiful, emblematic wedding ceremony in the Maldives and do the legal part of their wedding ceremony in their home country.

The benefit of this is that there is no minimum residency period in Maldives. You can enjoy your time in the Maldives without the strain of having to apply for a marriage license, produce documents and have them interpreted while you’re there.

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