All You Need To Know About a Palatial Wedding in Ummaid Bhawan Jodhpur

Jodhpur has some of the most magnificent venues when it comes to celebrating a palatial wedding. You can learn about these venues in our previous article. One such magnificent venue is the Umaid Bhawan Palace which is managed by the Taj Group of Hotels. It is also, one of the world’s largest private abodes of the royalty and accompanies a private museum and luxurious marbled squash courts. Hosting a wedding in Ummaid Bhawan is a costly affair, but you have totally planned on it and have a huge pocket size here is All You Need To Know About a Palatial Wedding in Ummaid Bhawan Jodhpur.

The Ummaid Bhawan Jodhpur is a private lodging as earlier stated, hosting a palatial wedding would be as mesmerizing as it can get. The pool, housed deep in the palace itself, has zodiac signs marked on the pathway around the pool in black and white tiles. The pool can be said to be the most ostentatious pool one can ever see.ummaid bhawan

Close to Umaid Bhawan Palace is Mehrangarh Fort which is known to be one of the best-conserved forts in India and a great venue for palatial weddings especially for hosting dinners. The Mehrangarh Fort encloses many palaces, which are known for their elaborate carvings, stunning stained glass windows, and rambling courtyards, making it a perfect royal backdrop.

Guests looking for ultra luxury hotels must head straight for Umaid Bhawan Palace which boasts 22 rooms and 42 suites and can be occupied by 2 adults and one child.

In a palatial wedding in Ummaid Bhawan, almost every function is filled with the well-heeled, vibrant culture to make it all the more memorable. Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur has witnessed many such celebrations in the past as a lot of celebrity weddings have taken place at the Ummaid Bhawan. And undoubtedly it has now grown into a glamorous destination and one of the trendiest places in India for hosting a royal palace wedding.

Location: Set on 26 acres of lush gardens, this elegant hotel lies 7 km from Bhagat Ki Kothi railway station and 10 km from Mandore Garden.

Rooms: 64

Starting cost per plate: all inclusive plans with rooms

Venue rental: post requirement

Capacity: 40-750 Pax

Indoor venues: 4

Outdoor venues: 6

The per person costs of these hotels varies from about INR 18,000 – INR 75,000 per night.


Other attractions for your guests:

  • Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum, one of the popular attractions inside the huge palace, is highly admired for its display of items ranging from weapons to an assortment of stuffed leopards to antiques to some enthralling crockery and a range of trophies. It also showcases a huge banner presented by Queen Victoria and a remarkable collection of clocks.
  • The Darbar Hall, which is part of the museum, has graceful wall painting and also an extensive number of miniature paintings, armor and an unusual collection of household belongings that were in trend in the 1930s; costly and not found in India in those times.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum Timings: 9 am to 5 pm on all week days except gazette holidays.

Entry Fees : Indians: Rs.15; Foreigners: Rs.50


A brief history of Ummaid Bhawan

The Ummaid Bhawan Palace is a beautiful private dwelling located on the Chittar hill.The palace is mainly bifurcated into three partitions namely the Maharaja’s royal residence, a museum and a heritage hotel. Umaid Bhawan Palace was initially designed by H V Lanchester, a well-known Edwardian architect. After the palace tousled on 18th November 1929, again the foundation stone was laid by Maharaja himself on Chittar hill.There were around fifty thousand men and women, who worked for more than fifteen years to construct this majestic palace, under the supervision of architect Goldstraw.ummaid bhawan2



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