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What is Frozen Apple ?

We at Frozen Apple Weddings, conceptualize, manage and organize grand local as well as Royal weddings in India and abroad. Frozen Apple is a top Royal wedding Planning Company in Udaipur who looks after every need of its precious clientele- from field decor, hospitality, logistics, entertainment, artist management & so much more.

Freeze your memories "with sweetness"

With Frozen Apple Weddings pamper yourself with the magnificence of the best hospitality and management you shall ever come across.

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The Best wedding events are not just dreamt, but also planned and executed in the best way.

Why Choose Us for Royal Weddings in Udaipur?


We, at Frozen Apple weddings, work to render the best of services, all under our precious client’s budget. Budgeting is itself a task but our enthusiastic and dedicated team, works day and night to facilitate unmatched, cost-effective wedding solutions which are fresh and out of the box.

Quality work & 100% client satisfaction

When it comes to organizing a wedding, team Frozen Apple works wholeheartedly and with utmost devotion to create a flawless wedding which shows quality work and happy faces of our clients. Client satisfaction is our prime goal which we achieve through our quality work.

Organized working culture and teamwork

Adroit professional coming together to form a forum that provides effective top-notch services is what Frozen Apple Team is all about. We communicate with our client’s family and take away the stress and strain of a wedding and offer them relaxation so that they can look their best for the big day.

For a hassle-free wedding experience

We have your back! We all acknowledge the fact that a wedding is the most vital part of one’s life. Our clients experience a hassle-free wedding with us. Our dedicated and synchronized work environment leads to happy clients and beautiful memories.

Vendor & hotel negotiation while keeping quality work in focus

Don’t worry about negotiating with vendors or venues owners! Let us spread our magic. Frozen Apple Team manages all your stressful works effortlessly providing you the best of services. Our chief focus is your happiness.

Planning a complete wedding extravaganza

We plan a complete extravaganza for everyone- NRI families who wish to plan a wedding in India and Indians who wish to plan a wedding abroad, we offer hassle-free, cost-effective, organized and comfort wedding solutions at your doorsteps.

Top Wedding planner in Udaipur

More and more couples are choosing to use a wedding planner for the organization of their big day. That has a lot of advantages, both in practical, organizational and creative areas. You do not have to be afraid to lose control because Frozen Apple weddings does everything in consultation with you. We advise and organize & you take the decisions yourself. This allows you to enjoy the anticipation without worries. Moreover, you can decide yourself which budget you want to spend: you can make it as extensive as you want. We have experience with all sorts of weddings: from small and intimate to grand and compelling, both at home and abroad. We also organize Royal weddings for foreign couples who want to get married in India. Frozen Apple Wedding which is the top Wedding planner in Udaipur offers various Wedding Services, such as location selection, vendor selection, and full wedding planning. During a first encounter, we discuss your wishes, ideas, expectations, dreams, and thoughts. Then you receive a free proposal. If you say YES? Then we will work for you. Depending on the service or assistance you have chosen, the total price is created. Frozen Apple Wedding offers various possibilities as a wedding planner. A fully groomed wedding or only partially organized. Frozen Apple Wedding does not only carry out customer orders but also comes up with unique ideas and additions.

Top Wedding planner in Udaipur Luxury package

One wedding differs naturally from the other, and that is mainly determined by special wishes, the number of guests and the priorities set. Is the accompanying music essential or just the dinner? How luxurious should the day be? The Top Wedding Planner, Frozen Apple Wedding also offers a luxury package. These are the services as mentioned in the standard package, but supplemented with desired extras, such as:
  1. Organizing a Royal Wedding
  2. Help with the choice of the wedding dress, rings, hair styling and make-up
  3. Handling of rented materials
  4. Take care of the wedding clothes after the wedding
  5. Keep track of payments and administrations
  6. Partially organize a wedding